About Us

Teebletop is about looking great at the tabletop!

Like you, we've grown to love the board gaming hobby but always felt a lack of ways to express that passion. Now, you'll never have to compromise your style again.

All of our unique and original designs are printed on premium quality apparel - a difference that you, and your opponents, will notice. So join us at the tabletop to celebrate the wonderful world of gaming!

Who is Teebletop?

Teebletop was founded by Dylan Mangini after wandering countless board game convention halls and wondering "where's all the awesome board game merch?". Dylan is a game designer and graphic designer hailing from the Great Pacific Northwest - where a blossoming community of designers and board gamers inspired him to apply his passions to the hobby. After self publishing his own card game (Mephisto), Teebletop was born. He continues to work on his own games and with local game designers to make their dreams a reality.